Friday, September 7, 2007

Thanks Mud Team!

I really have a good life. I get to play with clay any time I want (pretty much). I look forward to evenings the most. Around 5ish I go to the studio and play till I'm aching from not shifting my position, then I leave things to dry and go exercise in the pool, read a book in the hot tub, and then go back and play in more clay.
Since joining the MudTeam I find myself eating drinking breathing pottery. It was just what I needed for helping my focus. The teapot contest pushed me past my normal limits, and while the first few attempts were pretty dismal (humourous in retrospect!), my last creation while not functional (cause I didnt know then what I know now!!), pleases me.
Another good point from joining the team, I feel more creative. Not sure why, but reading bout everyone's sucesses and boo-boos pushes my desire to create up a few notches. For me, creating itself is an alone proposition. I'm so innner focused that the rest of the world falls away. But now, while Im creating, I find things fellow mudders had shared in the forum enter into my thoughts as Im covered in clay. So now it feels like Im in a shared studio! Nice feeling!! And magnets. It never occured to me to make them. Now Im having so much fun turning them out!

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