Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Thanks to the MUDTEAM's mug swap, I began making handbuilt mugs. Never having done it before, and not being one to look up how to do things, I just did what I always do and plunge in and hope for the best.

I admit this time I really SHOULD have asked questions about the how tos! My first mugs were mugs even a mother couldnt love. Lumpy handles, rough edges, and sloppy inside where the base met the mug. And case I wasnt having enough trouble, the glaze wouldnt adhere to the inside of the mug at the base either!

After many failed attempts I finalllly reached out for help from my team members, and fixed my errors!

I'm happy to report, I have sold 16 mugs in the month of Dec alone!

Thank you thank you thank you for supporting me in pushing my envelope and making something Id never have made on my own!

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LaPellaPottery said...

Yay, Deb! That's why we do these challenges - to open up new avenues!