Sunday, September 2, 2007

My first baby

Learning the wheel has been an adventure. For years all I did was handbuild. I love it. And to be honest (and I AM embaressed to say this), my thoughts about wheelthrown things was... "Oh gosh..any old one can do THAT". I am learning the hard way... WRONG. My first days were so far past disaster that I cant find a word for it. There was the to be expected clay on me, on the floor, on the walls. But HOW there was clay on the CIELING is beyond me. I made lots and lots of doughnuts at the tops of everything flew off in my hands. I made lots of pancakes as many things slid off on to my leg. Each night I'd say..Thats it. NO more. I wasnt meant to use a wheel. And each morning Id be chomping at the bit to get back and try again.
So... finally, after many many tries.. I accidently made my first baby. The little "Harm None" bowl. And the Malachite bowl.
So since then Ive made several. The thing is.. and I swear this is true... I dont know HOW Im making them. When I TRY to, I cant. I cant figure out how to make things go where I WANT them to go!!
So I keep practicing... and oh,
for all the wheel throwing potters out there... I'm sorry. Im so sorry I had my nose in the air thinking wheel throwing was soooooo easy!

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intothefire said...

Hi Deb! You've been tagged for the Random 8 Meme project!